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2020 was a milestone year for everyone for a host of different reasons. It was a particularly challenging year for many, and a time where we have all been encouraged to support one another in order to ensure that we all make it safely through the Covid- 19 period.

For Dowlas, 2020 was also a year of reflection. As we reached our ten-year milestone, one thing that has been imperative to the success of the company has been the support that we have had from our development partners and key stakeholder colleagues. From extremely humble beginnings, Dowlas have delivered numerous projects over the last decade, from Headquarter offices to pubs, Hotels to small industrial units and even a rapid response centre! We have developed new business parks from fields, unlocked in excess of £30 million worth of construction, enabled over 1000 jobs and really created places for people to thrive, live and work.

Dowlas have evolved immensely over the last decade, we are stronger now than we have ever been and are proud to be able to move forward into a new phase of growth. To mark this milestone, we have invested in a rebrand, launched a new website and are delighted to be able to welcome our new Director, Matt Tyler to the team.

It is incredible to look back and see how far Dowlas has come in ten years, we are excited to see what the next ten years will bring.

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